torsdag den 11. juni 2009

Name: Cecilie Nanna Taarup
Eye Color: blue like the carribian sea
Relationship Status: single

Favorite Color: black, white and...
Favorite Movie: i'm not really tv type hmm
Favorite Hobby: photograph,
Favorite Song/Singer: i really don't know, i love music
Favorite Book/Author: i don't read books :/
Favorite School Subject: visual arts/photo
Favorite Vacation Destination: Trinidad & Tobago, but i really like Berlin and madrid to.
Favorite Animal: My dogg is the best, but cats are also nice.
Favorite Person In Your Life: that's my mom or brother

Summer or Winter: summer
Rain or Shine : shine the most of the time, but i like to chill home, when there is rain
Salty or Sweet: sometime salt, sometime sweet..
Morning or Night: Night!!!
Movie or Play: Movie
Breakfast or Dinner: mhm, i just love food...
Forgiveness or Revenge: forgiveness, is what i believe
House or Apartment: Apartment!!! in the city...

Like To Cook: yeah, i like to cook.
Play An Instrument: i used to play guitar
Sing: yes, when i'm alone or drunk..
Dance: yes all the time..
Speak Multiple Languages: english, danish, some deutsch..
Ice Skate: i never try'd it..
Swim: i can swim.
Paint: oh yes
Write: mhm
Ski: i'd never try'd it.

Stolen Anything: when i was 10 years, i stole from a 10kr shop, i felld so bad about it, that i trow it out of the window..
Cried During A Movie: I always cry during movies, but most love movies.

Biggest Fear: if i will lose my family
Song Played At Your Funeral: i'm not that long in my life yet, so i don't know.

What were you doing at midnight last night: i was chillin on a hill, with some friends, drinking drinks.
What are you listening to right now: the sound from the movie, cool running
Most visited webpage: ...

I will always be: wierd in my own way..
Love seems to: be unrealistic..
Today I: been walkin in the rain with my dogg and Jacobe
I wish: i had a lot of money, for my familie, living and a good life.

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